Following is a an array of event highlights and projects under development

- Highlights -

Refugees Welcome - Copenhagen parliament square


On his way home to Copenhagen in 2015 (after a gig in Berlin), he witnessed a big group of people with diverse skin colours being pulled out of a bus by german border police (passports confiscated by the authorities). A facebook picture and a comment about the current refugee crisis, propelled him into taking part of organizing and facilitating one of the biggest refugee demonstrations in Europe. With only 3 days he was responsible of orchestrating permits, artists and all needed logistics for such a huge event.


Friday he threw a private party in the day time and a birthday rave for about 800 people with the duo Adriatique at legendary Copenhagen club - KB18. The party ended saturday at noon and he went straight on to facilitate the demonstration in front of the danish parliament.


A blasting rave and about 35000 people demonstrating in the name of love and acceptance, made him realize that everything is possible if the intention is clear. Since then he has hosted various charity parties where all income has been sent to refugee work, and this process was the first steps of "Rasmus Rekyl" finding his true self as a creator. A reversed version of himself.


The first seeds of the tree of RUMZAR was planted...



WAKE streetparty - Distortion


Naked human art pieces, flamethrowers, eco-glitter and thousands of happy people...



Rumzar's space journey in the pyramid

The Borderland festival


An audio/visual installation in the massive pyramid at the world cultural heritage site - Stevns Klint - during the regional Burning Man event - The Borderland.



Wake ft. The Feathered Sun & Mira


In a remote warehouse in the outskirts of Copenhagen the conscious tribe gathered for a moment of reflections in music...



Wake Open Air


We watched the sun and moon set and rise over the ocean together with Alvaro Suarez, Ninze & Okaxy (live), Dübelu + Farry (live), Papegøjerne and more...

A magnificent outdoor experience.



Skydeklubben annual Open Air


For years we have hosted the first open air of the season on the national labour day of Denmark.

Behind the national museum of art we celebrate and welcome the months with more sun, fun and joy.



Neo classical concerts on Rafts

& visuals on the national bank of Denmark.

The shopping Death


During 5 days in December, the "Shopping Death" dressed up as Santa and became the "Christmas shopping death" sailing the harbour and canals of Copenhagen.

A few of the RUMZAR projects currently under development

Projects & art


(The mirror pyramid)


2 artists joined in on this project. We wish to create a psychedelic audio/visual light installation. A piece to reflect upon our current reality and the various dimensions of it. 4-6 meters tall and a reverse pyramid shaped laser reflection from the top, mirroring the mirror pyramid.



(light, water, sound)


An audio/visual water installation and international arts exchange platform.


What happens if you create a mega installation for exposure of international as well as local upcoming art? When you build a bridge between "upcoming" and "established"? When you give musicians and visual artists an opportunity to inspire mankind to look and think outside the frames?


WAKE is an investigation of sound and visuals through a line of workshops, where musicians are guided by a panel of tutors (master sound engineer, sound therapist, matematician, physicists and more).

The vision is to create a mobile art installation. One of the biggest water installations in the world (holograms in 30-50m waterdome) and to open a door to another dimension.


click the picture for vimeo link

Visual artists /graphic designers / vjs wanted

Are you a graphical prodigy with a nack for psychedelic visual escapades, and would like to contribute or collaborate? Or perhaps just looking for a way to get your art to the streets? Send me an email with examples of your work - marked "graphics" or "visuals".