Look behind the veil


Life should be like a good party. A space to be free.

To explore new ideas, relations and friendships.

A place to dance and embrace joy.


"Every single culture on the planet has created social ritual spaces within which to perform rhythmic music, generally performed with drums, dance and chants and, in most cases, where psychoactive drugs are used. The principal goal of these rituals was to strengthen the bonds of the community, inducing altered states of consciousness through trance states experienced by participants. In most ancient cultures, there wasn’t a separation between healing, recreation, creative expression and spirituality – and these human expressions took place in community.


In this sense, throughout human history, healing has come about in the real social world, and each culture has created their own rituals to re-integrate people who are suffering back into the community."


International center for ethnobotanical education research & service

Following is an array of the ongoing party initiatives and "rave-collaborations"


Just This//

International club concept & label.


Visitors in Copenhagen:

Hunter/Game, Dj Tennis, Tale Of Us, Âme (live + dj), Dixon, Mind Against, Mano Le Tough, Baikal, Pizetsky, Denis Horvat and more...


It started as glitterous adventure at a regional Burning Man event and grew into a fullblown party concept. A sparkly party-experience with spacy costumes, glitter wrestling, crazy performers and much more... .

The Garden


A group of music enthusiast formed a party collective with me.

Seeds were planted and a multitude of creativity grew from this..

Psychedelic visuals + international (secret/unannounced) lineup in ketahouse & techno. Wild things grow here.

Watch out, you might lose yourself....

Visitors includes: Beth Lydi, Stefan Mint, Nick Curly, Thankyou City and many more...


WAKE is a creative collective hosting art, installations and parties to spread the word of critical thinking and compassion within the club community. To lift the paradoxical veil between awareness, privilege and consumerism.

WAKE aims to build relations through vibrations as well as to establish a solar powered house in the Amazon forest for and with the native Huni Kuin tribe. A sustainable facility for production of essential oils and knowledge-sharing about the pitfalls of western society.

Wake have hosted Feathered Sun, Mira, David Dorad, Ninze & Okaxy, Sahalé, Dübelu, Alvaro Suarez and many more



Tech/deephouse underground club in Copenhagen. This is where it all began. In a shooting range under the Carlsberg brewery we assembled the ravers and blew them away with Function one and great vibes...

Annually host to the first Open air of the season. Skydeklubben have hosted Kolombo, Ray Okpara, Re. You, Jan Oberlander, German Lachs, Chopstick & JohnJon, Trickski, Lulu Rouge, Jacob Phono, Trentemøller, Philipp Straub and many more

Peyote <<O>> Coyote

A trip to the desert sands.

Taste the slow roots of nature. Get morning soaked by the dry tribal beat of techno.


An exploration of some of the psychedelic sides of techno + live elements and percussions...




TIPI combine the spirit of Woodstock with the feeling of Berlin. We show the audience the way back to the dancefloor, the clubculture and the love for both. Gather around the fire and get lost in the music!


Resident club at KB18. A rough interior, alternative decor, weird visuals and great sound.

Focus is both on big, international bookings as well as support and love to the talents outside the center of attention. Visitors include:

Rampe & Re.You, Adriatique, Andre Kronert, Avatism, MadMotorMiquel, Soukie & Windisch, Seidensticker & Salour, Shaun Reeves, Daniel Bortz, Monkey Safari, youandME, Larsson, Jan Blomqvist, Anthea, Pablo Bolivar, Ici sans Merci, Muan, Anna Leevia, Ida Daugaard, Trickski, Chopstick & Johnjon, Affkt, Clovis, Pawas, Superlounge, Hollis P. Monroe, Till Von Sein, Tender Games, Martinez, Alex Celler, Flow & Zeo, Mobius Strum, Daniel Wilde, Rampa & David Mayer, Djuma Soundsystem, KlangKarussel, Tiger Stripes, Sierra Sam, ICS, Noir, Tiefschwarz, Sascha Kaktus, Pasqal Hetzel, Per Hammar, Argy, Ada Kaleh, Vid/Egal3, Minilogue, Stefan Z, Argy, Laurine Frost, Roustam, Edgar Peng, Ennio, Marc DePulse, Guti, Davide Squillace and many many more