Stay curious


The sun is dawning on new horizons.


We live in an age of information and currently all knowledge in the world is practically available at the tips of our fingers.

Yet in the privileged western society, we have never seen more people suffering with stress, depression and anxiety.

Isn't it about time we look inside our true selves, to discover peacefull solutions to co-exist with eachother and mother earth?

I believe the revolution comes through and WITH music.


And perhaps the answers are to be found in nature. In OUR true nature.

In dance.

In sound.

In love





A curious explorer of alternative paths for electronic music. Installation artist as well as a very active organizer of underground parties, open airs and occasional activistic happenings in the Nordic countries...

A life long exploration of creative talent and self development, fueled by the chase for acknowledgement of our peers (the modern disease of our society) shaped the mold of my destiny.

Tasting the various flavours of work, life and creative fields, gradually spawned Rasmus Rekyl. Not just the name. But a many-armed octupus of inspiration.

But as modern society dictates to specialize in ONE field, it took years to fully embrace and understand the real potential. To become a creative force. An all-year-round festival on 2 legs some might say.

Life can be a sea of responsibities. Navigation may take time to learn. But through happy times and heart breaks, one thing remains. The MUSIC.

"Rumzar" carries 20 years submersed in various aspects of electronic music. Exploring the corners of different soundscapes and gaining insights in multipe levels of how to create an "experience".

And in 2011 the first clubnight in copenhagen was born with soon many more to follow.

Alas, foreign territories and alternate dimensions awaited and gradually a freedom fighter was born...